Tillma​n Church 

Welcome Home!

Pastor Bill is the newest (old) member of the Tillman Church. He joined us again in September 2014. Prior to coming to Tillman Church, Pastor Bill served as pulpit supply for Ohio, an interim pastor, and a youth pastor. Most recently, Pastor Bill served the congregation at Union City, Indiana..

Bill lives in Fort Wayne, IN and has 2 grown girls—Krystal (Aaron) and Kelsey. He also has 2 grand children - Garrett and Greyson.

- From the pastor -

   We want you to stop by and visit us! I believe you will find a place where you are cared for unconditionally. My background is just as colorful as anybody else, but God has forgiven and forgotten my past! And you can experience that also. This is a place where you can be yourself - be real - and be o.k. At Tillman Church, We’re just real people, with real problems, who have found real help from a real God.

If you enjoy contemporary worship or hymns; if you have young ones; if you are comfortable in jeans or a tie - no matter what your need is - checkout Tillman Church.