Tillma‚Äčn Church 

Welcome Home!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Kelly Alexander

Kelly is the vice-chairperson of our leadership team.  She has been attending Tillman Road for 5 years. Kelly and her husband, Duffy, love to be outdoors and enjoy camping with their children, Madisyn (Terry), Michaela, Nathan, and Marissa (Missy).  Kelly has a heart for all people and finds great joy in helping others.

Ravena "Rusty" Hapner

Rusty heads up our children's church program.  She has been a member here at Tillman Road for 45 years.  Rusty loves meeting with new people and helping them feel right at home in our church.  Rusty loves cooking and serving people; and reaching here at home as well as the world wide. 

Billie Hess

Billie is a pillar of our church family here at TRCOG.  She has a wonderful heart for missions both locally and internationally!  Billie is a retired school teacher, and loves to spend time with our friends at the Woodburn Christian Children's Home! You can always find Billie visiting with someone on Sunday mornings! Billie serves as our church treasurer.

Robert "Rob" Elzey

Rob is a man of many talents. He loves to serve on the worship team, and help with outreach programs. Rob and his girlfriend, Teresa, love to be outdoors and especially love to play outdoors. Rob has been a member of Tillman Road for 26 years.