Tillma‚Äčn Church 

Welcome Home!

Deanna Tillotson

Deanna is the Associate Pastor here at Tillman Church.  She has served in this position for 3 years.  Deanna and her husband Jeremy, have 2 children, Serenity, and Cristian.  Their family loves to be together whether that is at home watching movies or at the park or at the church campgrounds. 

A Note from the Worship Director

As the worship director, if I could share one thing with everyone it would be this: worship is WAY more than songs, worship is a lifestyle.  Worship comes in many forms, of course music, but we also worship in our giving, in our time in the Word, and in our time in prayer.  It's so important that we always remember that worship is about God and not us.  The reasons we worship is because God is worthy of it!